Glerbræðsluofn IR 3030

IR 3030 Fusing kiln, table model

The kiln connects to a 230V outlet.

The construction is same as for the bigger kilns with infrared heating elements, thermocouple and lift device for the lid on both sides. IR3030 can be used for fusing, slumping and casting, a good kiln for everyone with an interest for smaller glass work. It does not take up much space but has still an inner usage dimension of 33 x 33 cm.

The IR3030 kiln is also suitable as a test kiln for bigger glass studios. IR 3030 is a low energy kiln using only 2kW/h and is therefore very cost effeciant.

The IR3030 is supplied with the controller TC 2088-C, able to store 9 programs for full control on heating up speed, soak and cooling.